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Aug 2 2016

Article Writer - Interview Style

@ Hüify

  • Anywhere (or remote)
  • $50+ per hour
  • Freelance
We are looking for a writer who will interview busy agency leaders to help them write valuable articles. 

For example, a CEO who is not gifted at writing, and does not have them time to do so, will meet with you to discuss an article. The CEO will tell you what the main focus of the article will be, what examples can be included, and how to frame the content. They may even dictate word for word what the article should say. 

You will be responsible for asking thoughtful questions during the meeting to flesh out the topic. You can then take that information and help them craft it into an article written as the CEO. 

You will be in complete control of scheduling meetings, helping to formulate titles, creating the article draft, and providing revisions. You will be provided with specific topics and will have unlimited communication with the content team and the people you are interviewing. 

We will be publishing up to 8 posts a month. Each post will be 800-2,000 words. 
The cost for the post will depend on the word count, starting at $150 per post and going up from there depending on the quality of the work and the experience.  

We can work on a first post to trial the relationship, as this will be an ongoing position we are looking fill with the best fit possible. We look forward to working together!

We're not accepting applications from agencies.