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Sep 19 2017

Content Marketing Manager


  • Anywhere
  • $60,000+ per year
  • Full time
Hello future Content Marketing Manager at!

Our company mission is to help businesses communicate with their customers like human beings, with relevance and context. Today, we do this with software that enables businesses with large user-bases to send tailored email (and other types of messages) based on their users’ behavior. We’re looking for a creative marketer and writer to help us exemplify this people-centric approach in how we interact with our audience, prospects, and customers.

This isn’t a role that requires you to churn out piece after piece just for the sake of chasing traffic or indiscriminate email list growth. Content marketing has been key to’s growth since the very beginning, when our CEO would share what he was learning about email marketing and user retention.

You’ll carry that on, creating, editing, and promoting educational resources, customer stories, and brand communication that makes experiencing helpful and human against the madding crowd of noisy marketing on the interwebs.

What will you be doing?

  • Create useful content. You’ll write original blog posts, articles, ebooks, copy for landing pages and other marketing resources— as well as experiment with and leverage content in different formats and mediums. You might be repurposing an ebook chapter into a script for a video tutorial or exploring a podcast idea. You're not scared of crafting long-form resources, A/B testing headline ideas, or writing for presentations.

    In order to produce great content, you’ll spend time researching and learning about behavioral marketing and customer lifecycle communication. You’ll also interview customers to help share their stories and successes.
  • Reach and expand our audiences. You’ll help get our content in front of the right people and grow our reach. Promotion tasks may include creating newsletters and other marketing campaigns, sending out guest post pitches, using social media, participating in online communities and forums where marketing, product, and tech types gather, and reaching out to influencers and partners.
  • Hone our brand voice — and help us stick to it. You’ll wordsmith marketing copy and review content for clarity and brand consistency, style, tone, and voice across the company. For instance, you might be pulled in to provide feedback on product copy or to prepare documentation.
  • You’ll develop content strategy. You’ll work with the marketing team to determine how we’ll approach and implement content strategy, from identifying new content opportunities, to coming up with a content experiment, to the nitty-gritty of optimizing our web properties for search and discovery.
  • Help us learn and grow through regular reporting. You’ll collect, monitor, and analyze the performance of our content marketing activities, using tools like Google Analytics and with help from our data team. Your reporting and analysis will help inform and optimize our content strategy and what we’ll tackle next.
  • Keep the content train moving. You’ll help manage a comprehensive content plan and editorial calendar.

You’ll join a team of 2, including:

  • Janet Choi aka Jane-T runs content and product marketing; once toured culinarily through several NY boroughs, is still recovering
  • Bill Miksich aka Bell has a black belt in demand generation and also… a real black belt.
You’ll also work with:

  • Contractors who help out with content creation, copyediting, digital marketing campaigns, design, and social media
  • Cross-collaboratively with other teams to create content that people find valuable, from newcomers to the blog to power users of

What will you bring to the table?

You’re an excellent writer. You can explain complex concepts clearly, tell a compelling story, and write with personality and empathy. You also see editing as integral to the writing process.

You have a history of marketing success. Ideally you experienced some of that success working with content for a SaaS company or written about tech/marketing for several publications. We’re looking for someone who can show how they’ve had a direct hand in building an audience.

You get content out there. There’s no content marketing without other people. You understand how much work is involved after you hit publish to distribute content and cultivate relationships. You probably know some HTML and writing email copy isn’t scary. You’re up for networking, doing outreach, and working with partners and others to create and promote our stories.

Your north star is whether you’re providing substance and value to a reader, not viral shares for our business. You’re opinionated when it comes to making decisions about what constitutes interesting and helpful content — and how it’s presented. You’re a believer in talking with and knowing your audience, and you’re willing to do the extra work to produce something creative, compelling, different, and helpful for them.

You’re hungry to learn, and you love to do so through the writing process. We’re not necessarily looking for someone to come in the door with domain expertise, but you’re eager to dive in and start from Day 1 to put into practice and write about what you’ve learned.

You’re scrappy and self-directed when it comes to problem-solving and working on multiple projects at once. You’re looking to work with a startup where you’ll be responsible for the impact you make and have a lot of freedom.  Working with folks in different timezones will be standard issue for you around here, so being able to stay determined, even when the answers aren’t in front of you, is essential.  

You are a proactive communicator. You strive to be articulate and empathetic in your interactions and believe in “working out loud” to share work early and helpfully.

Additional notes or requirements

If you'd like to know more about what it's like to work at, please check out our careers page. Feel free to email me with any additional questions too, of course! ( Talk to you soon!

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