Women in Tech

Women and men exploring equality in technology.

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    [Blog Series]: Women in Tech Leadership: Q&A With Nami Studios Maeve Donohue!

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    Proud to Share This New Blog Series: Women in Tech Leadership

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    Any digital marketing mompreneurs/dads out there?

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    10 Life Lessons from Successful AdWomen from ReportGarden

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    One Woman's Unique Path to CIO

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    Discussion: When Policies Don’t Work, What is the Best Way to be a Diverse Company?

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    What It Really Takes To Recruit More Female Tech Talent

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    Woman Person of the Year: Why It's Been 29 Years

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    Savvy Helps Female Talent Get Top Dollars They Deserve

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    Voters still see women as poor leaders (but good assistants)

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    Looking for speakers for a B2B Marketing conference

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    What is a feminist? Are you one? Do you want to be one?

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    On Taking Up Verbal Space

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    14 Programming Communities for Women Developers

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    "Gender equality in the workforce is about giving men the opportunities to live completely different working lives as much as women. Then we'll all be a whole lot happier."

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    Women in Tech Group Meetup at INBOUND 2015?

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    Women Penalized for Promoting Women, Study Finds

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    The Problem with Ally Panels, and Why We Still Need Them

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    How not to let fear get in the way of change

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    #ILookLikeAnEngineer and Ashe Dryden’s Programming Diversity

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    Investing in Women-Led Businesses -- event in Cambridge

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    Crowdfunding Demographics: Understand Kickstarter and Indiegogo Backers

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    These 20-something women figured out how to captivate millions of people every single morning

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    When Woman Is Boss: Nikola Tesla on Gender Equality and How Technology Will Unleash Women’s True Potential

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    What It's Like Raising Money As A Woman In Silicon Valley

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    Science Games for Girls Can Open Doors to Lucrative Careers

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    Why policing women's language is the opposite of workplace empowerment

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    Having a working mother works for daughters

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    16 Women Founders Making Moves in Tech

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    Gender Diversity Report For SMX: 33% of speakers were women

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